Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Super Smile Review

Tasty Brand Organic Snacks

Seriously.. These are the Yummiest I have ever come across as far as fruit snacks... they actually feel a little "juicy to me " when I eat them!

---- Made with Real Fruit Juice

NO high - fructose corn syrup

No - GMO , artificial flavors or preservatives

Gluten-free and Allergen free !

My family just loves these Honestly as stated above these were the most tasty fruit snacks I have ever had.. I usually don't like fruit snacks I think they taste like plastic.. but these taste DELISH!

Definitely a MUST for the kids school lunches and work snacks, for moms to slip in their purses when running around town. The cookies are great too. I thought they tasted like a short bread and since that is one of my fav cookies that definitely gave them a thumbs up!

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Backyard Ocean... :)

Hi guys to add to the fun here I wanted to share about Backyard Ocean,  The other day our local radio station was talking about how everyone was getting pools for next year. This is the way to do it.. Order it now right from BackyardOcean.com and wrap it up for Christmas! I was always a little swimmy fish when I was a kid and always had a pool... although I don't have one right now as I recently moved.. this is the way to go! I know for me I am going to put my bid in to my husband to get me a pool for the yard this year from Backyard Ocean! The other thing I love is they have all the accessories too I am a extreme couponer and I like things delivered right to my door each time I jump in the car I figure gas and then the little extra fast food trips, etc.. so I try to keep home to save the money and do mail order as much as possible. Tweet with me at @R47R and tell me about your favorite swimming experiences :)

Super Smile Review

Monday, September 2, 2013

New Blog Title!

Laugh with US!

Clay and I are working hard at all the great changes that are happening in our lives. We felt that as part of this we wanted to change the Name of this blog. Our home blog is http://www.PopleBackyardFarm.Blogspot.com and this blog is a extention of our home blog. Our heart is to put the joy back in the lives of so many as we teach Lifeskills. Please make sure you subscribe to our home blog and if you click on the free online classes it will lead you right here.. We shouldn't have to learn to laugh.. but when we start to laugh together it is just contagious!

I think you are going to love love love the change here! 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Heat Pr tour continues --- with La Prairie

We are LOVING this product! Definitely gives me the female swagger! Now this skin Product will give you the perfect skin and we are so proud to have this as part of our our Summer Heat Tour this year. Light, creamy and your skin will look flawless. Luxury! Luxury! Luxury! Spoil yourself rotten with this one at a cost around 200.00 but you use such a tiny bit with BIG results that the value is here. Top of the Line skin care. LaPrairie's Cellular Pore Minimizer

Changing times... always changing now...
   So where is Social Media heading... with so many "INFLUENCERS" out there.. the game is now .. who is INFLUENCING the influencers to turn the tide of the masses.. With a free for all to a point online you never know what the next new Big site for socializing will be.. things can change in a day.. and you can do things online now that used to take 20 years in a matter of 6 months.  All said ... Stay true to  yourself.. and remember as long as you do .. your opinion counts! I love google plus, twitter the best.. but Facebook has so many friends on it, plurk is fun.. and I had a lot of fun on topix.com ...etc.. So where is the next big socializing going to be... Facebook...getting stronger.. or will people all pin pictures with comments on Pinterest?

The Landlines are pretty much gone and out, email is losing ground... even grandma is now online due to facebook. ... People don't care about ads anymore .. as most like me, will listen to honest bloggers faster than being sold because a smiley cheeky gorgeous face tells you to buy something . TV and cable are being replaced with Ruku and more and more Youtube shows. etc,,  Yes, our times are changing... the bible talks about in the last days knowledge will be increased, you can go to bed at night and wake up to volumes of change in the morning. God changes not. .. plant your life on the anchor of life.. The Lord Jesus Christ.

Friday, July 12, 2013

7 11 is giving away free slurpies today ! WAX VAC

Love free stuff ?
head over to 7/11 today ... check out story here


Here is a little product that I am loving...

I use this to get the moisture out of my ears after swimming it is called the WAX VAC... it comes with tips so that you entire family can share the same tool. This gently vacs out your ears and is safe and better than Q tips.

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Soda ... should you or shouldn't you?

I love soda.. but Soda puts on the pounds. I am cutting back and hopefully will drink it only once in a great while... this little poster is making me think...

My family and I have been enjoying my little hobby of sweepstaking.. it is fun to have surprises in the mail.. Basically you just fill out the forms for free and then enter.. :) It doesn't take long to win,.. and the more you put into it the more you win..Here is just a sample list.. many of these are expired.. but if you would like to enter daily go to our home blog http://www.PopleBackyardFarm.blogspot.com where we are listing the sweeps daily. 

Win a dining card

a tablet

Win a washer and a dryer

Win $100 bucks

$2000 worth of stuff


Win some headphones
Win fragrance


Win sporting equipment
Win a trip to Ireland


Win head phones

Win a ipad

Win $250 from Lowes

Win a ipad

Win skincare

win $250.00

Win peanut butter cups

Monday, June 24, 2013

What's happening with the Poples?

Wow! So many exciting things are happening over here that Clay and I can hardly keep up! We have been married a year now and are working hard on a great project for all of you! Pople Backyard Farm! Our hope is to help other families learn how to live the highest quality of life from couponing, frugal living, building tips, farming, internet savy tip, interviews with the movers and shakers of this world, and much much more! We have been doing a lot of trial and error and thank you to all who have been on the ride with us. We just created a home page Mega blog http://www.PopleBackyardFarm.blogspot.com and http://www.TodayWithRuthiePople.blogspot.com .. also you tube you can find us by looking up Pople Backyard Farm. Tweet with us on @R47R. I want to encourage you to enjoy all the tips and news and to live a better quality of life... city does meet country here as I have been a top seller, recruiter, PR girl, business owner, professional make up artist and interior designer.. basically I like people and know everyone.. and Clay knows all about farming and went to school to be a chef..Is the go to guy on all this etc...  (the cooking shows will soon be added !) You will enjoy our stories.. and fun. We want you to enjoy your life and live the good life. 

  Vintage Review... Mc Millian and Wife!. Here we see the lovely Susan St. James who played Mrs. McMillian. I adored this show the first time and it was fun to watch it the 2nd time on Netflix.com where you can get a free month. Personally I liked the beginning shows of McMillian and wife with her light hearted ways. Later the show was turned into McMillian with Rock Hudson only and Susan St. James and Nancy Walker the maid gone. At that point I switched off the review and figured it was just fazing out and It was a different show to me. The show had some zany scenes such as the time the house was covered by some kind of balloon to exterminate the McMillians. This is a fun little mystery show to enjoy while you are cleaning and folding laundry...(what I do) I am 50 so it was fun to see other vintage actors in the show too... such as David Cassidy's father, Stephanie Powers etc...
 WAX VAC! Here is a wonderful item that was sent to me by WAX VAC to review. Toss out your cotton swabs.. this is the safe way to clean your ears from dirt, particles and wax. 

It gently draws out all the moisture and particles from your ear. It diassembles for easy clean up, comes with a examing light and 8 silcone reusable tips for cleaning your ears. Gentle and effective 
I am excited about this as I have allergies and sometimes I deal with ear aches this will help keep my ears nice and dry. I went swimming on Saturday and still feel the moisture so I am going to just use the wax vac to take out all the extra moisture. 

Love couponing? Join my coupon train go to http://www.TodayWithRuthiePople.blogspot.com to join my coupon train ... cost? the price of a stamp!
I have been enjoying my new sweepstake hobby... I won a $3000 painting from 

and a ipod from Apple

some little wins
book from ChristianBooks.com, a cup from International Delight, etc.. 

If you want to try this hobby to help out your family I list them daily at my home blog http://www.PopleBackyardFarm.blogspot.com  just click on the freebie and give a way tab. 

Here are some sweeps to enter today 

Win stuff and free stuff for today 

Win cosmetics

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Win a dining card

a tablet

Win a washer and a dryer

Win $100 bucks

$2000 worth of stuff


Be creative today!!!

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gold Bond Pepsi Next

Have you tried Pepsi Next ? 

I pride myself as a couponer and the CEO of my household that I ONLY fill my home with precious things and only use the BEST of everything. Well, here goes... I am a straight "NORMAL" cola drinker... the diet stuff just puts that nasty yuck yuck taste in my mouth so I say if I am going to treat myself and drink a soda I want it to be the good stuff... well Pespsi Next is the answer to all of us hardcore non diet drinkers... it cuts back the sugar but still gives a good taste. You will be able to tell that it isn't Pepsi straight up.. but it definitely gives you a run for your money and if you are like me trying to lose some weight this is going to be a life saver. I am so glad that I tried it because otherwise I wouldn't have known. The next time you are in the store grab a bottle and see what you think talk to me on twitter @R47R and tell me your thoughts and if you agree. My taste team has had the same reaction and I will be purchasing some more of this to share with everyone I see to have them sample and share with you all that people are saying about this. Thank you to Pepsi for sending me soda. And so you all know if a company sends me stuff I always give a honest review as I do these for you to help you choose the right products. 

Think Spring!.... I am sharing these great products as part of my Think Spring PR tour.. with Spring here we have our baby chicks, meat birds, green house material to build that this year.. as city (me and country .. my husband ) are one and building the life God gave us to lead together. It's the modern farm.. We have our backyard farm yet we are very internet savy and very involved in social media yadda from my background in business etc... We have been married a little over a year... and what a beautiful life it is living in the country.. so spring is everywhere when you move to the country --.. and your mind is on not just on  flowers but baby animals, planting, preparing for the fall harvest , what you will need to can .. etc.. like most families today we have our extreme couponing and other activities as well... so spring is very busy... Now here is a product that I kind of thought was something my grandmother used.. but hold it right there... I'm sold. My favorite was the Mary Kay lotion and loved the satin hands.. well not anymore. ONE TRY and I was sold.. love the smell... and unlike anything I have used .. from me being in the beauty biz for 20 years this stuff lasts. Put it on and the next day your hands are still looking soft and young, etc.. Hands down this stuff rules. Gold bond also has stuff for the feet.. I was going to give this to my husband after the review as he works hard and the rough work can get to the hands.. but now he has to share and when all the other lotion around this house is gone.. this is going to be the only one I use as I am not going to buy another brand as this is the best so I am going to stock up on this.. coupon or no coupon. I figure I save enough as I am traveling through life looking for the best products so once I find them why would I buy something inferior.. I turned 50 this year and I want my family to have the best. So this is the goal. I coupon to find the best not to live like a pauper and my family is dressed in rags and using junk that really only costs you either in extra use.. more product.. or in your self - esteem as you start to feel "CHEAP" all over if you are using things you don't LOVE. I can hardly wait to try the feet stuff. Thank you Gold Bond for sending me your products to try I am sold! Score some for youself and tell me your thoughts chat with me on twitter about the great products from Gold Bond. Just a note.. when a company sends me a product I will tell you what I HONESTLY  think as I do these for YOU, and so you will hear exactly what I think as well as my testing team. .. My testing team did like this.. and I will be squirting everyone I see with this fine product so they can try too! 

Why did God allow this? .. It's all about YOU!

Yesterday I heard a great sermon by Andrew Wommack regarding why did God create the earth and allow sin to continue and all the bad things to happen... a question many of us Christians have pondered through the years ... the answer is simple... God LOVED you sooooo much He didn't want to scrap everything so to speak and lose you. Andrew worded it differently but this was pretty much the jest of it. I am sure there are many other things that come into place but at the end of the day that is the answer to all the world's suffering in God's eyes... He didn't want to lose you, me, etc.. so blame yourself for the world 's suffering because just as you would rush into a area to save your child so goes the scope of life .. it is all about you! 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Some amazing things I saw online today...

I am not getting PAID to be in the beauty industry... so this isn't a product I will be getting paid on... but I heard about this on the net today.. and hey who has tried this?

Miracle YOUTH found by accident

read more here...



Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How to get stickers off glass

This morning I woke up to my chicks and washing off my fresh eggs from my chickens. My real live peeps are in the house with me in a great big pen as I like to watch them for a few days before we put them in the outside pen to make sure that everyone is doing great.  The chicks we bought are MEAT BIRDS cornish rock that grow really fast and when we are ready to harvest them we will put them in our chicken plucker which my husband built that only takes 15 seconds to pluck a complete chicken this will keep us fed for a bit.


     If you have a sticker on some glass that you want to remove here is the fastest and best way... Use a blow dryer to remove the sticker and follow that with wiping it down with vinegar to get off any residue you can use vinegar alone but the blow dryer is faster.


Magnum PI review

I loved reviewing Magnum with his carefree ways and Higgins always picking on him. In the end Higgins admits to Magnum that he is Robin Master's but then tries to leave a doubt in his mind later as to if he was telling the truth. Magnum grows up and we see him in the end re-enlisting in the military and taking responsiblity for his daughter. I loved the beginning but even though the fans wanted the last season the last few magnums weren't my favorite ... the show to me took a turn and changed the character of Magnum a little bit, I would have liked to have seen him stay a little bit more carefree and not so responsible. You can watch Magnum on Netflix.com well worth the watch and brings back those old memories for those of us who were there for the first season.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Underground greenhouse!

I am not a treehugger but I do know that the Lord expects us to take of the earth and to rule over it. This is a cool idea and some may try send me a picture on twitter @R47R if you have one of these. To learn more go to



Summer is coming and the weather can get really HOT!!!! Here is a product for the man in your life it's called FRESH BALLS ...it goes on like a liquid and dries to a powder our testing team LOVES IT and says it keeps them DRY all day LONG !


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Saturday, March 9, 2013



We laugh but as we grow as women.. The best advice is be true to yourself and don't go with the flow. I got a chuckle at this picture how foolish some women are... be a mature woman of faith and always deal in truth.


Freebie... Gardeners idea book


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Get on a plane inside this Post with me virtual ride

This is so cool you are going to love looking inside a new plane and experience a little of the fun ... also this is a sweepstake so enter to win! Click on link and hop on!



I have gotten good cards and junk emails from some of these.... but I have found things like this in the past that have helped me save at least 100 on my perscriptions I am checking this out so I thought maybe this may work so check it out if any of my subscribers have tried this please leave a comment. Link below



My testers... have tested this great product and says it is WONDERFUL it's called FRESH BALLS..

We were laughing when we heard the men share the description prior to Fresh balls of using powders...anywhere from a big PUFF when they sat down..to feeling like they had PANCAKE pants.. Fresh Balls is non-toxic goes on like a lotin and dries to a powder and the men rave that it keeps them dry and fresh all day.

You can purchase this product at freshballs.com they also have two more products which we will be sharing about shortly ... FRESH BREASTS and FRESH FEET.

Think Spring!

Think Spring....    Think Spring!!!

Ride with me on the Spring PR Tour for all the exciting products, interviews , products, etc... 

I want to thank Chartwell School Dining Services for sending me the heart healthy watch that I can use to make sure I have a healthy heart while I go to the gym :) Everyone I turned 50 this year and I am on a goal to be healthy join me on this venture!

*****Special note if you own a business, are a artist, etc.. and would like me to review a product for you all over the internet blasting out about your product... please email me at RuthieNewsToday@gmail.com

Try some Vintage TV... I am continuing my review on Magnum PI here we see Higgins in his usual snooty role..  Laughter does good like medicine... and saying NICE things to ourselves in our brain so to speak... If you want to have a healthy life learn to "march " to your own beat.. as the Bible says train up a child (aren't you God's child?) in the way that he should go. For me listening to gossip, griping, ugly news stories all day is downright depression. I refuse to do it! I take control of my thoughts I don't let every tv network etc.. tell me what to think ... we love netflix.com because we can choose what we watch.. We don't keep our heads in the sand ... but we don't have to go over the stories a million times.. and honestly as a mom I have to "INFLUENCE" and help those in my circles and if I am all upset ...how can I help others? Learn to work in the sphere of life God set out for you... okay.. now for Magnum...  I am in season 7 and just loving all the 70's styles and watching Magnum interact with TC and Rick and Higgins. Watching the adventures and the fun in the midst of the life of a PI living in Hawaii... paradise. Also it is fun to listen to Higgins and all his proper ways... it is so funny sometime I just have to laugh... I imagine that when these guys were off set they had to be rolling.  watch with me .. and stay tuned for more!

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013



I will be sharing great products--
great guests--
Things about spring to make your life better--
Give a ways

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Win a cool oven mitt

just click on the following link       http://woobox.com/6cqqdk/30oh0u

Friday, March 1, 2013


Ep 13 season 5 In my vintage Review of Magnum PI here we see Magnum wins a CONTEST! This episode is sooo much fun... He wins a visit to Disney but NO TRAVEL expenses so against Higgins' desires Magnum is hired by Jonathan's zany older cousin who is visiting for a wedding. 

 Fun spring project for a tight spot

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

FREEBIES - score some today

Give your dog a perk.... free dog snack

2 Free Issues of Back country Magazine



  tommorrow Thursday is customer appreciation day you can get a big mac or quarter pounder for 1Cent double ck to make sure your location is participating

Enjoy and have fun... If you have a freebie you want to share or great deal please email me at RuthieNewsToday@gmail.com

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Friday, February 22, 2013

Sarah Palin's Alaska

 You will love Sarah Palin's Alaska!
My family watched it on netflix.com. Gorgeous scenery and good family fun. I loved watching everything from fishing to logging wildlife etc... We watched the entire series on Netflix.com and if you are a homeschooler this would be a great show for your kids as well to see what life is like in Alaska. You can follow Sarah Palin on twitter @SarahPalinUSA and on Facebook Sarah Palin

Thumbs up a MUST WATCH.

 Roll your hair in curlers and sit back and be yourself... YOU ARE FABULOUS JUST THE WAY YOU ARE join my I'm Fabulous PR tour as I share great products, events, people etc... We are P R friendly If you have a great product you would like me to review please tweet me at @R47R or message me on fB Ruthie Appleby Pople

Check out these Fabulous products... 
http://www.Tabanero.com  @TabaneroHot on twitter

 Awesome energy bars!


 Great news ... My parakeets finally had a baby! We have inside birds .. finches, parakeets, and chickens , peacocks, etc...

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Freebies & Happy Valentines Day :)

 Happy Valentines Day Loves!

So many today don't really understand LOVE I want to challenge you to make this a whole year and lifestyle of love. It isn't about giving but rather about being godly. Want to know what Love is? It is as gentle as the breeze and as strong as a mountain... read I Corinthians 13 and live this out and watch what happens to your life 

 What's happening online?
Scoot over to TBN.org May I suggest if you are up at 6 am Andrew Wormack He is talking this week about HOPE ... what a beautiful thing for all marriages on Valentines week.

#FF .... FOLLOW FRIDAY .. many of you know this, but those who have not ventured over to twitter you are  missing out on a great opportunity. Twitter will change your life for the better. :) You will hear me sharing more about Twitter here... You can follow me on twitter and I will be happy to introduce you if you would like http://www.Twitter.com/R47R so what is Follow Friday? It is when everyone recommends there followers to other people to help everyone network. I love it :) Right now I have 15,000 followers on Twitter.

Are you trying to loose Weight? I am ... Join me as I chat about this a bit online and join me in the I'm Fabulous Campaign to live that abundant life God has called us to be. Dr. Oz says that your waist line should be 1/2 of how tall we are.. if it is different you can see where you need to adjust.


free perfume sample


FREE Physicians Formula Sexy Booster Sexy Glow Blush!!! go to FB/Twitter 

The first 1000 people to enter the secret word and register will receive a FREE full-size Sexy Booster Sexy Glow Blush. The secret word will be announced on Thursday, February 14, 2013 at 2PM PST (5PM EST).