Thursday, March 7, 2013

Get on a plane inside this Post with me virtual ride

This is so cool you are going to love looking inside a new plane and experience a little of the fun ... also this is a sweepstake so enter to win! Click on link and hop on!


I have gotten good cards and junk emails from some of these.... but I have found things like this in the past that have helped me save at least 100 on my perscriptions I am checking this out so I thought maybe this may work so check it out if any of my subscribers have tried this please leave a comment. Link below


My testers... have tested this great product and says it is WONDERFUL it's called FRESH BALLS..

We were laughing when we heard the men share the description prior to Fresh balls of using powders...anywhere from a big PUFF when they sat feeling like they had PANCAKE pants.. Fresh Balls is non-toxic goes on like a lotin and dries to a powder and the men rave that it keeps them dry and fresh all day.

You can purchase this product at they also have two more products which we will be sharing about shortly ... FRESH BREASTS and FRESH FEET.

Think Spring!

Think Spring....    Think Spring!!!

Ride with me on the Spring PR Tour for all the exciting products, interviews , products, etc... 

I want to thank Chartwell School Dining Services for sending me the heart healthy watch that I can use to make sure I have a healthy heart while I go to the gym :) Everyone I turned 50 this year and I am on a goal to be healthy join me on this venture!

*****Special note if you own a business, are a artist, etc.. and would like me to review a product for you all over the internet blasting out about your product... please email me at

Try some Vintage TV... I am continuing my review on Magnum PI here we see Higgins in his usual snooty role..  Laughter does good like medicine... and saying NICE things to ourselves in our brain so to speak... If you want to have a healthy life learn to "march " to your own beat.. as the Bible says train up a child (aren't you God's child?) in the way that he should go. For me listening to gossip, griping, ugly news stories all day is downright depression. I refuse to do it! I take control of my thoughts I don't let every tv network etc.. tell me what to think ... we love because we can choose what we watch.. We don't keep our heads in the sand ... but we don't have to go over the stories a million times.. and honestly as a mom I have to "INFLUENCE" and help those in my circles and if I am all upset can I help others? Learn to work in the sphere of life God set out for you... okay.. now for Magnum...  I am in season 7 and just loving all the 70's styles and watching Magnum interact with TC and Rick and Higgins. Watching the adventures and the fun in the midst of the life of a PI living in Hawaii... paradise. Also it is fun to listen to Higgins and all his proper ways... it is so funny sometime I just have to laugh... I imagine that when these guys were off set they had to be rolling.  watch with me .. and stay tuned for more!

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