Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gold Bond Pepsi Next

Have you tried Pepsi Next ? 

I pride myself as a couponer and the CEO of my household that I ONLY fill my home with precious things and only use the BEST of everything. Well, here goes... I am a straight "NORMAL" cola drinker... the diet stuff just puts that nasty yuck yuck taste in my mouth so I say if I am going to treat myself and drink a soda I want it to be the good stuff... well Pespsi Next is the answer to all of us hardcore non diet drinkers... it cuts back the sugar but still gives a good taste. You will be able to tell that it isn't Pepsi straight up.. but it definitely gives you a run for your money and if you are like me trying to lose some weight this is going to be a life saver. I am so glad that I tried it because otherwise I wouldn't have known. The next time you are in the store grab a bottle and see what you think talk to me on twitter @R47R and tell me your thoughts and if you agree. My taste team has had the same reaction and I will be purchasing some more of this to share with everyone I see to have them sample and share with you all that people are saying about this. Thank you to Pepsi for sending me soda. And so you all know if a company sends me stuff I always give a honest review as I do these for you to help you choose the right products. 

Think Spring!.... I am sharing these great products as part of my Think Spring PR tour.. with Spring here we have our baby chicks, meat birds, green house material to build that this year.. as city (me and country .. my husband ) are one and building the life God gave us to lead together. It's the modern farm.. We have our backyard farm yet we are very internet savy and very involved in social media yadda from my background in business etc... We have been married a little over a year... and what a beautiful life it is living in the country.. so spring is everywhere when you move to the country --.. and your mind is on not just on  flowers but baby animals, planting, preparing for the fall harvest , what you will need to can .. etc.. like most families today we have our extreme couponing and other activities as well... so spring is very busy... Now here is a product that I kind of thought was something my grandmother used.. but hold it right there... I'm sold. My favorite was the Mary Kay lotion and loved the satin hands.. well not anymore. ONE TRY and I was sold.. love the smell... and unlike anything I have used .. from me being in the beauty biz for 20 years this stuff lasts. Put it on and the next day your hands are still looking soft and young, etc.. Hands down this stuff rules. Gold bond also has stuff for the feet.. I was going to give this to my husband after the review as he works hard and the rough work can get to the hands.. but now he has to share and when all the other lotion around this house is gone.. this is going to be the only one I use as I am not going to buy another brand as this is the best so I am going to stock up on this.. coupon or no coupon. I figure I save enough as I am traveling through life looking for the best products so once I find them why would I buy something inferior.. I turned 50 this year and I want my family to have the best. So this is the goal. I coupon to find the best not to live like a pauper and my family is dressed in rags and using junk that really only costs you either in extra use.. more product.. or in your self - esteem as you start to feel "CHEAP" all over if you are using things you don't LOVE. I can hardly wait to try the feet stuff. Thank you Gold Bond for sending me your products to try I am sold! Score some for youself and tell me your thoughts chat with me on twitter about the great products from Gold Bond. Just a note.. when a company sends me a product I will tell you what I HONESTLY  think as I do these for YOU, and so you will hear exactly what I think as well as my testing team. .. My testing team did like this.. and I will be squirting everyone I see with this fine product so they can try too! 

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