Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How to get stickers off glass

This morning I woke up to my chicks and washing off my fresh eggs from my chickens. My real live peeps are in the house with me in a great big pen as I like to watch them for a few days before we put them in the outside pen to make sure that everyone is doing great.  The chicks we bought are MEAT BIRDS cornish rock that grow really fast and when we are ready to harvest them we will put them in our chicken plucker which my husband built that only takes 15 seconds to pluck a complete chicken this will keep us fed for a bit.


     If you have a sticker on some glass that you want to remove here is the fastest and best way... Use a blow dryer to remove the sticker and follow that with wiping it down with vinegar to get off any residue you can use vinegar alone but the blow dryer is faster.


Magnum PI review

I loved reviewing Magnum with his carefree ways and Higgins always picking on him. In the end Higgins admits to Magnum that he is Robin Master's but then tries to leave a doubt in his mind later as to if he was telling the truth. Magnum grows up and we see him in the end re-enlisting in the military and taking responsiblity for his daughter. I loved the beginning but even though the fans wanted the last season the last few magnums weren't my favorite ... the show to me took a turn and changed the character of Magnum a little bit, I would have liked to have seen him stay a little bit more carefree and not so responsible. You can watch Magnum on Netflix.com well worth the watch and brings back those old memories for those of us who were there for the first season.

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