Monday, June 24, 2013

What's happening with the Poples?

Wow! So many exciting things are happening over here that Clay and I can hardly keep up! We have been married a year now and are working hard on a great project for all of you! Pople Backyard Farm! Our hope is to help other families learn how to live the highest quality of life from couponing, frugal living, building tips, farming, internet savy tip, interviews with the movers and shakers of this world, and much much more! We have been doing a lot of trial and error and thank you to all who have been on the ride with us. We just created a home page Mega blog and .. also you tube you can find us by looking up Pople Backyard Farm. Tweet with us on @R47R. I want to encourage you to enjoy all the tips and news and to live a better quality of life... city does meet country here as I have been a top seller, recruiter, PR girl, business owner, professional make up artist and interior designer.. basically I like people and know everyone.. and Clay knows all about farming and went to school to be a chef..Is the go to guy on all this etc...  (the cooking shows will soon be added !) You will enjoy our stories.. and fun. We want you to enjoy your life and live the good life. 

  Vintage Review... Mc Millian and Wife!. Here we see the lovely Susan St. James who played Mrs. McMillian. I adored this show the first time and it was fun to watch it the 2nd time on where you can get a free month. Personally I liked the beginning shows of McMillian and wife with her light hearted ways. Later the show was turned into McMillian with Rock Hudson only and Susan St. James and Nancy Walker the maid gone. At that point I switched off the review and figured it was just fazing out and It was a different show to me. The show had some zany scenes such as the time the house was covered by some kind of balloon to exterminate the McMillians. This is a fun little mystery show to enjoy while you are cleaning and folding laundry...(what I do) I am 50 so it was fun to see other vintage actors in the show too... such as David Cassidy's father, Stephanie Powers etc...
 WAX VAC! Here is a wonderful item that was sent to me by WAX VAC to review. Toss out your cotton swabs.. this is the safe way to clean your ears from dirt, particles and wax. 

It gently draws out all the moisture and particles from your ear. It diassembles for easy clean up, comes with a examing light and 8 silcone reusable tips for cleaning your ears. Gentle and effective 
I am excited about this as I have allergies and sometimes I deal with ear aches this will help keep my ears nice and dry. I went swimming on Saturday and still feel the moisture so I am going to just use the wax vac to take out all the extra moisture. 

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I have been enjoying my new sweepstake hobby... I won a $3000 painting from 

and a ipod from Apple

some little wins
book from, a cup from International Delight, etc.. 

If you want to try this hobby to help out your family I list them daily at my home blog  just click on the freebie and give a way tab. 

Here are some sweeps to enter today 

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Be creative today!!!

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