Monday, July 1, 2013

Soda ... should you or shouldn't you?

I love soda.. but Soda puts on the pounds. I am cutting back and hopefully will drink it only once in a great while... this little poster is making me think...

My family and I have been enjoying my little hobby of sweepstaking.. it is fun to have surprises in the mail.. Basically you just fill out the forms for free and then enter.. :) It doesn't take long to win,.. and the more you put into it the more you win..Here is just a sample list.. many of these are expired.. but if you would like to enter daily go to our home blog where we are listing the sweeps daily.
Win a dining card

a tablet

Win a washer and a dryer

Win $100 bucks

$2000 worth of stuff


Win some headphones
Win fragrance


Win sporting equipment
Win a trip to Ireland


Win head phones

Win a ipad

Win $250 from Lowes

Win a ipad

Win skincare

win $250.00

Win peanut butter cups

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