Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Heat Pr tour continues --- with La Prairie

We are LOVING this product! Definitely gives me the female swagger! Now this skin Product will give you the perfect skin and we are so proud to have this as part of our our Summer Heat Tour this year. Light, creamy and your skin will look flawless. Luxury! Luxury! Luxury! Spoil yourself rotten with this one at a cost around 200.00 but you use such a tiny bit with BIG results that the value is here. Top of the Line skin care. LaPrairie's Cellular Pore Minimizer

Changing times... always changing now...
   So where is Social Media heading... with so many "INFLUENCERS" out there.. the game is now .. who is INFLUENCING the influencers to turn the tide of the masses.. With a free for all to a point online you never know what the next new Big site for socializing will be.. things can change in a day.. and you can do things online now that used to take 20 years in a matter of 6 months.  All said ... Stay true to  yourself.. and remember as long as you do .. your opinion counts! I love google plus, twitter the best.. but Facebook has so many friends on it, plurk is fun.. and I had a lot of fun on ...etc.. So where is the next big socializing going to be... Facebook...getting stronger.. or will people all pin pictures with comments on Pinterest?

The Landlines are pretty much gone and out, email is losing ground... even grandma is now online due to facebook. ... People don't care about ads anymore .. as most like me, will listen to honest bloggers faster than being sold because a smiley cheeky gorgeous face tells you to buy something . TV and cable are being replaced with Ruku and more and more Youtube shows. etc,,  Yes, our times are changing... the bible talks about in the last days knowledge will be increased, you can go to bed at night and wake up to volumes of change in the morning. God changes not. .. plant your life on the anchor of life.. The Lord Jesus Christ.

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