Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Backyard Ocean... :)

Hi guys to add to the fun here I wanted to share about Backyard Ocean,  The other day our local radio station was talking about how everyone was getting pools for next year. This is the way to do it.. Order it now right from BackyardOcean.com and wrap it up for Christmas! I was always a little swimmy fish when I was a kid and always had a pool... although I don't have one right now as I recently moved.. this is the way to go! I know for me I am going to put my bid in to my husband to get me a pool for the yard this year from Backyard Ocean! The other thing I love is they have all the accessories too I am a extreme couponer and I like things delivered right to my door each time I jump in the car I figure gas and then the little extra fast food trips, etc.. so I try to keep home to save the money and do mail order as much as possible. Tweet with me at @R47R and tell me about your favorite swimming experiences :)

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