Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tasty Brand Organic Snacks

Seriously.. These are the Yummiest I have ever come across as far as fruit snacks... they actually feel a little "juicy to me " when I eat them!

---- Made with Real Fruit Juice

NO high - fructose corn syrup

No - GMO , artificial flavors or preservatives

Gluten-free and Allergen free !

My family just loves these Honestly as stated above these were the most tasty fruit snacks I have ever had.. I usually don't like fruit snacks I think they taste like plastic.. but these taste DELISH!

Definitely a MUST for the kids school lunches and work snacks, for moms to slip in their purses when running around town. The cookies are great too. I thought they tasted like a short bread and since that is one of my fav cookies that definitely gave them a thumbs up!

Would you be so kind as to share this post on your facebook and twitter page and help get the word out about these great snack and about my blog. Our heart is to help families by teaching them great life skills :) 

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