Hi ! My name is Ruth Pople - I help businesses, actors, musicians, Church Ministries  the everyday guy is my fav as I am a talent scout! small or big.. From Stars and Celebrities, Christian Ministries, Rock Stars to the mom at home I work one on one with a lot of people and Companies Big Corps to the guy with a great idea ! I am here for you etc.. FOR FREE! If you have a product you would like for me to review please contact me at 

A brief bio... 

I don't know why?... but for some reason people have always just liked me.. I ask and get results... example a free parking lot for my church...  , Was a top recruiter in the USA for a major make up company - Avon Products, Inc. , A top seller for Lazboy. Worked as a District Secretary for the Church of God when I was in my 20's  , 71% influence on twitter, bottom line.. I guess I am like God I just love people... so it's not work it's easy.. my whole life is just fun because I love people and try to be good to them :) contact me anytime just to say hi @R47R

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